Analysis of bus problems in relation to comfort, habitability, ergonomics and safety.

Study about the optimal spaces arrangement and interior elements: seats, dedicated areas, handrails etc…

Maximum usability / flexibility of space, travel comfort, economy, respect for the environment and safety.


The Bus project for Sesto San Giovanni wants to follow the example of the Paris Metro and not only look like the city, but help shaping its functionality through an infrastructure linked to the outline dedicated to it. The Renzo Piano Building Workshop contacted Iveco to design a Bus aiming for a refurbishment of the Falk area.

The  result of the collaboration between Iveco, Altra, Garroni Design & Facoltà di Architettura di Genova,  is a small bus with ten seats only, 7.5 m long and 2.2 m wide, with a teak flooring and glazed sides and ceilings.


The Delivery Van Fideus has been evolved starting from  Iveco Daily, to meet the current requirements in terms of environment protection, safety and efficiency in urban delivery.

Fideus is a tangible contribution to the European research Area, the "common market" for research and innovation the European Commission promotes in view of a more competitive and sustainable transport system.

Fideus means "ergo load", advanced solutions for optimising loading and unloading operations. It’s a "green" van because of its emission levels and for the excellent consuptiom performances and extraordinarily low noise pollution.